The first PGT-A
product approved by NMPA

  • 72%
    Increase pregnancy rate to
  • 6.9%
    Decrease miscarriage rate to

Help more families have healthy babies

Basecare Medical is dedicated to the research and application of genetic testing technology in reproductive health. Genetic testing is the key to unlock the secrets of the life, allowing human for the first time to select genetically healthy embryos for implantation. PGT technology not only help infertile patients to have children, ensure patients with gene deficiency have healthier baby, and eliminate problems of fertility.

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Core products

Provide products for full reproductive cycle

Based on R&D innovations and NGS technology, registration and certification, and product industrialization experience, we provide the clinics with qualified and compliant pre-pregnancy, prenatal, and neonatal genetic testing kits covering a full reproductive cycle validated by large-scale clinical trials.

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Our Pre-pregnancy products include: infertility gene panel testing designed to determine whether there's a genetic defect causing infertility; pre-implantation genetic testing designed to help patients choose normal embryo for implantation during IVF .


Prenatal products include: noninvasive prenatal testing designed to help patients screen for Down’s syndrome; Copy number variation detection designed to help patients to find the cause of miscarriage so as to provide guidance for later reproduction choices of patients.


Our Newborn products include: genetic metabolic disease detection panel designed to diagnose whether the patient carries common genetic metabolic diseases; Whole exome screening designed to help patients to find the clinical pathogenic variants, and helps to direce early intervention treatment.

High-end intelligent manufacturing

Intelligent instrumentFrom sample processing, sequencing to analysis

Based on the mature third-generation molecular genetics laboratory system, Basecare Medical helps clinics improve the ability by providing automated and modern sequencing, building a fully automated intelligent laboratory from sample processing, genetic testing to sample storage, and provides customized hardware design and software deployment.

cryostorage system
  • Product size:1.9×1.35×2.5m
  • Storage capacity:38,000~50,000/1mL
  • Storage temperature:≤-180℃Gas phase liquid nitrogen
  • Full load weight:1530KG
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  • Reads number:60M~80M
  • Average Reads length:200bp
  • Genetic testing in 2~3 hours
  • Approval No.20143221961
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Compliant products

No barriers to have babies in China

Reproductive health starts from the embryo. Based on compliant products, Basecare Medical helps clinical institutions improve the genetic counseling capability and escorts numerous families with fertility problems to have healthy babies in a more efficient, easier, and safer manner.

At the beginning of this year, a director of a famous reproductive center in western China received an unusual full moon gift from a happy couple who troubled by fertility problems for a long time. Ms. Guo suffered from repeated miscarriages and then received treatment at one famous reproductive center in western China at the suggestion of friends. Considering her repeated miscarriages experience and age, the director advised the couple to adopt PGT-A to select a normal embryo and finally they had a healthy baby.


Mr. Liu was the only child of a healthy couple and suffered from dwarfism so he was worried that his child would also suffer from dwarfism. Having compared the qualifications and resources of several hospitals, he chose one famous hospital in Southern China. The genetic detection showed that he carried achondroplasia genes and there was a 50% chance for his child to have the same disease. Following the doctor’s advice, the couple blocked single-gene disease through PGT-M. December 2020 marked the 1-year birthday of their lovely baby.

Mr. Liu

Ms. Li and her husband have not been pregnant for four years. Whenever they see others playing with their children they are envious and sad. At the beginning of this year, Ms. Li and her husband came to a famous reproductive hospital in Shanghai. After a series of examinations, they found that the man's chromosome structure was abnormal, and only have about 1/18 chance to have a normal child naturally. On the advice of doctors, a completely normal embryo was selected for implantation through our PGT-SR products. Ten months later, Ms. Li successfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy at full term.

Ms. Li

Laboratory construction

Basecare Medical was awarded the title of Jiangsu Province Center for Reproductive Genetic Engineering Technology. With comprehensive engineering capabilities and a professional scientific and technological team conducting high-quality R&D, Basecare Medical has accumulated rich experience of clinical laboratory design and qualifications (ISO13485, PGD) application. Therefore, we can provide various comprehensive technical services for the clinics, such as laboratory construction consulting services, which include free laboratory design, planning, and qualification certification, etc.

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