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PGT-M genetic disease test kit


Help more families have healthy babies

Gene is the key to unlock the secrets of the life. We focus on the product innovation and clinical application of scientific and technological innovation. Through genetic testing products, we can help clinically screen embryos with normal chromosomes, so as to have healthy children.PGT technology not only help infertile patients to have children, ensure patients with genetic deficiency have healthier baby, help more families to have healthy babies.

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Product Scenarios

From detection to storage Localization platform

Basecare Medical is rewarded as a National-level Specialized and Special New "Little Giant" Enterprise. It boasts an integrated equipment production platform centering on medical devices ranging from IVD detection to refrigerated storage. It provides standardized, automated and intelligent laboratory scenario solutions, and helps to solve the problems of embryo detection and storage.

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Our Pre-pregnancy products include: infertility gene panel testing kit designed to determine whether there's a genetic defect causing infertility; pre-implantation genetic testing kit designed to help patients choose normal embryo for implantation during IVF .


Prenatal products include: noninvasive prenatal testing kit designed to help patients screen for Down’s syndrome; Copy number variation detection kit designed to help patients to find the cause of miscarriage so as to provide guidance for later reproduction choices of patients.


Our Newborn products include: genetic deafness test kit to help patients diagnose whether they carry deafness gene;genetic metabolic disease detection kit panel designed to diagnose whether the patient carries common genetic metabolic diseases; Whole exome screening kit designed to help patients to find the clinical pathogenic variants.

Reagent Pipeline

Full fertility cycle product lineFrom fertility assessment to embryo testing

The company has been adhering to the concept of "making products", adhere to the industrialization development road of independent research and development and domestic substitution, reagent products cover from fertility assessment, embryo to newborn testing, to realize the whole industrial chain layout of assisted reproduction industry in the future.

cryostorage system
  • Product size:1.9×1.35×2.5m
  • Storage capacity:38,000~50,000/1mL
  • Storage temperature:≤-180℃Gas phase liquid nitrogen
  • Full load weight:1530KG
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  • Reads number:60M~80M
  • Average Reads length:200bp
  • Genetic testing in 2~3 hours
  • Approval No.20143221961
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sperm mitochondrion
test kit

The kit evaluates physiological function of sperm by detecting mitochondrial membrane potential in the middle part of sperm tail based on flow cytometry. It can be applied to the etiological diagnosis of male infertility and asthenospermia, improving the reproductive program and prediction, and evaluating the effect of the male infertility treatment.

broken nuclues
test kit

This kit detects DNA damage degree of sperm based on flow cytometry so as to assess male fertility. It applies to the etiological diagnosis of male infertility; screening of male factors in female embryo arrest and abortion. It can also be used to assess the risk rate of female’s abortion and improving the reproductive program and prediction.

Fine nuclues
test kit

The kit detects DNA damage degree of live sperm based on flow cytometry. It can be applied to the etiological diagnosis of male infertility, judging whether female embryo arrest or abortion is caused by male factors, improving the reproductive program and prediction, and evaluating the effect of male infertility treatment.

CellPro Biotech

Sperm detection solution
From assisted reproduction to Andrology

CellPro Biotech is an early and large-scale andrology IVD diagnosis and flow DFI testing company in China. In 2016, it promoted the inclusion of DFI testing into the guide for the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility. It has won the "second prize of China national scientific progress award", and its business scope covers many clinical institutions in China.

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Design Lab

The company has complete engineering technology comprehensive supporting test conditions and high-quality research and development, engineering design and test of professional science and technology team, has accumulated a wealth of clinical laboratory design and qualification (ISO13485, PGD) application practice experience, can provide a variety of comprehensive technical services for clinical. Including free laboratory design, platform building, qualification certification and other laboratory design and construction consulting services, medical institutions in need can apply for free.

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