Our mission

Help more families have healthy babies

We expertise in the research and application of genetic technology in reproductive health. In particular, we aim to help patients struggling with infertility and those afflicted with inheritance disorders.

Listed Company

A global leading genetic technology company

To provide a comprehensive clinical solution for reproductive health.

Suzhou Basecare Medical Co. Ltd. is a leading provider of third-generation IVF clinical solutions in the field of assisted reproduction in China. It is the first listed IVD industry company in the field of assisted reproduction (Stock Code: 2170hk). It is committed to the product R & D and clinical application of high-throughput sequencing technology in the field of reproductive health.

Basecare has been adhering to the concept of "compliant products", adhering to the industrialization road of R & D, registration and sales, and has a product pipeline covering the embryo testing, Andrology testing and fertility preservation. The PGS (pre implantation chromosome aneuploidy detection) kit independently developed by the company has won the country's first "special approval for innovative medical devices" green channel. It is the first three generation test tube detection product in China to obtain the registration certificate of Class III medical devices, opening the "certificate era" in which genetic detection kits in the field of assisted reproduction in China.

Adhering to the principle of localized development, Basecare has created an integrated laboratory platform solution from testing kit to storage, carried out business cooperation with many domestic reproductive centers, and has a market share of 70% in the field of assisted reproduction. It acquired CellPro Biotech, one of the earlier and larger andrology IVD diagnostic company in China, opened up the product pipeline from assisted reproduction to andrology, and realized the extension of industrial scale and the layout of multi-channel product pipeline.

Basecare has actively engaged in public welfare undertakings, carried out the public welfare activity of "healthy China trip", and participated in the public welfare project of "realizing the healthy fertility dream of 1000 families with rare diseases" initiated by China eugenics Association. Basecare will continue to be committed to helping infertile patients "be able to give birth", making patients with family genetic disease genes "eugenics", fulfilling the mission of "making more families have healthy children", and making continuous progress towards becoming a global technology leading assisted reproductive enterprise.

Development history

We march forward together

Twelve years of wind and rain, spring and autumn; Twelve years of extraordinary innovation and development. Thank you for marching forward together with Basecare throughout all the pains and gains with enthusiasm and expectation. We take care of every life with technology and consideration, so that the warmth of gene technology can spread and grow into everyday, everyhere.

Establish production bases and R & D buildings, build upstream and downstream clusters of the global IVD industry chain, and build an international Incubation Center for the introduction and transformation of advanced technologies.


Basecare became the first IVD company listed on the main board in the field of assisted reproduction (Stock Code: 2170hk)


BasePGT-A kit was offcially approved by NMPA,becoming the first PGT-A product to obtain class III medical device registration certificate, marks the beginning of a new era of certificated ART genetic testing kits


Completed the world’s largest PGT-A kit clinical trial with the largest amout of data and raised the clinical pregnan rate up to 72%


Titled as Suzhou reproductive genetic engineering technology research center by Suzhou science and Technology Bureau, which accelerates the clinical transformation of scientific research achievements


Participated in the development of PGT-A kit quality control evaluation guidelines, filling the gap of technical standards of China’s third generation IVF kit quality control.


Our PGT-A kit was awarded the first special approval of innovative medical devices by the State Food and Drug Administration and began large-scale clinical trials


Applied for the approval of national innovative medical devices of PGT-A products,which raised the level of standardization of third generation IVF industry


Established a joint laboratory with Thermo Fisher to help hospitals carry out the world's top scientific research technology and services


The company began with building a biological information analysis platform, and provided scientific reseach services based on the next generation sequencing kit.