Our mission

Help more families have healthy babies

We focus on gene technology in the field of reproductive health product research and development and clinical application, to help infertile families "can give birth", to carry the family genetic disease gene "eugenics", to contribute to the cause of national eugenics.

Basecare Introduction

Medical technology company

It provides multi-scenario solutions for the field of assisted reproduction

Suzhou Basecare Medical Co. Ltd. is a leading provider of third-generation IVF clinical solutions in the field of assisted reproduction in China. It is the first listed IVD industry company in the field of assisted reproduction (Stock Code: 2170hk). It is committed to the product R & D and clinical application of high-throughput sequencing technology in the field of reproductive health.

Basecare Medical has been adhering to the concept of "making products", adhere to the industrial development road of independent research and development and domestic substitution, multi-scenario solutions of PGT laboratory, embryo laboratory, andrology laboratory, cryostorage room and software laboratory have been created to realize the whole industrial chain layout of assisted reproduction industry in the future. The PGT-A kit independently developed by the company is the first three kinds of medical device products to obtain "special approval for innovative medical devices" in China, which fills the clinical gap of three generations of in-vitro gene testing kits in China. Pgt-m and PGT-SR kit are the key and special R&D products of the 14th Five-Year National Key Research and Development Plan, which realize the domestic replacement of the "choking" technology in the field of assisted reproduction. In addition, the company has the localization of medical equipment research and development and large-scale manufacturing capability, through integration of research and development ability of the "reagents and equipment" strengthen the core competitiveness of the products pipeline, help domestic medical institutions to realize laboratory "localization" deployment, the standardization of creating advanced detection ability for clinical, laboratory automation and intellectualization.

In the future, Basecare Medical will continue to adhere to technological innovation-driven development, build a peak manufacturing enterprise, and strive to become a global leading medical technology company.

Development history

We march forward together

Basecare Medical is based in Suzhou and developed in Suzhou. In 2021, with the strong support of Suzhou and the park government, the industrial base of more than 70,000 square meters was formally laid the foundation. The company will establish a large-scale production base of upstream reagents, consumables and instruments around the field of assisted reproduction. Meanwhile, the innovation and transformation base of "National Assisted Reproduction and Eugenics Engineering Technology Research Center" has been settled in Suzhou, which will help the company to further accelerate the transformation of national scientific and technological achievements and realize the delivery of core technologies and products in the field of assisted reproduction. In 2022, Basecare Medical won the national "little giant" enterprise honor, representing the company in technological innovation, product chain layout, industrial scale has been recognized by the government.

Establish production bases and R & D buildings, build upstream and downstream clusters of the global IVD industry chain, and build an international Incubation Center for the introduction and transformation of advanced technologies.


Basecare became the first IVD company listed on the main board in the field of assisted reproduction (Stock Code: 2170hk)


BasePGT-A kit was offcially approved by NMPA,becoming the first PGT-A product to obtain class III medical device registration certificate, marks the beginning of a new era of certificated ART genetic testing kits


Participated in the development of PGT-A kit quality control evaluation guidelines, filling the gap of technical standards of China’s third generation IVF kit quality control.


PGT-A kit received the first "National Special Approval for Innovative Medical devices" and started large-scale clinical trials


To apply for the classification and definition of medical devices for PGT-A products and the special approval of innovative medical devices, and fill the clinical gap of three generations of test tubes in China


Established a joint laboratory with Thermo Fisher, and jointly carried out IVD kit research and development project with reproductive clinic


The company was founded, starting from a biotechnology company, based on gene sequencing in the field of assisted reproduction IVD product research and development work