Basecare's innovative technology helps couples who have experienced repeated miscarriages to select healthy,chromosomally-normal embryos to implant during IVF
30th Jun 2020 · Suzhou
Following the birth of the first “tumor-free baby” in Suzhou, the reproductive and genetic center of Suzhou Municipal hospital has announced another good news. The first baby in Suzhou born through the utilization of BasePGH is one year old.

PGH technology is the upgrading of third generation IVF technology, which can block the transmission of structural abnormalities, such as chromosomal balanced translocation, to the next generation.

In August 2017, a couple went to the Suzhou municipal hospital for treatment. The wife experienced repeated miscarriages after marriage. After examination, the woman was found to have translocation of chromosome 7 and chromosome 11. The woman may need to experience repeated miscarriage to get a healthy baby if she want to conceive naturally. Theoretically, without the help of assisted reproductive technology, the couples only have a 1/9 chance of having a normal baby. In order to completely block the transmission of balanced translocation to the offspring, the couple decided to use the “third-generation” test-tube baby technique to conceive a child. Suzhou municipal Hospital uses PGH technology to assess and diagnose problems in the genetic makeup of embryos, and helped the couple select normal embryos for implantation, the woman finally gives birth to a healthy baby.