Basecare and Quantobio Reaching a Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Flow Cytometry (FCM) Platform in Andrology.
August 4, 2021 · Suzhou
Suzhou Basecare Medical Corporation Limited (hereafter “Basecare”) officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement on flow cytometry (FCM) in andrology with Beijing Quantobio Biotechnology Corporation Limited (hereafter “Quantobio”) on August 4, 2021.

Suzhou Basecare Medical Corporation Limited (hereafter “Basecare”) officially reached a strategic cooperation agreement on flow cytometry (FCM) in andrology with Beijing Quantobio Biotechnology Corporation Limited (hereafter “Quantobio”) on August 4, 2021. This strategic cooperation was promoted by Hillhouse. In the future, both parties will integrate their resources to jointly build a regional innovation center for R&D of FCM in Suzhou Industrial Park, build more innovative models for the application of FCM in andrology, and promote the core brands of both parties to a higher level. 

Mr. Lan Baoshi, chairman of Quantobio, says that as a leader in biological reagent in clinical and health early warning management in China, Quantobio has always insisted on technological innovation-driven development, undertaken 12 major national special projects and transformation tasks, pursued high quality, and had rich product lines and experience in biological reagents for clinical diagnosis. We believe that our cooperation with Basecare, the leader in assisted reproduction in China, will combine both advantages and realize collaborative innovation so that FCM will have a broader application prospect in assisted reproduction and technological innovations will realize the true value in clinical practice, which can make great contributions to promoting the high-level development of assisted reproductive technology and the national policy of improving the birth rate. I wish both sides a successful cooperation and further glories.

Dr. Liang Bo, chairman of Basecare, says that according to the WTO estimate, there are more than 300 million people suffering male diseases, so there is a huge demand in andrology. As a leader in reproduction, Basecare has been committed to the R&D and clinical application of high-throughput sequencing technology in reproductive health since establishment. At this moment, we are very honored to develop FCM technology on the basis of gene testing technology by cooperating with Quantobio, the largest leading enterprise of FCM in China, and our production line can be expanded from assisted reproduction to male reproductive health. Basecare will invest heavily in channel construction, and it is estimated that 20 million yuan will be invested in clinical marketing of FCM, so as to build a domestic leading brand in andrology for Chinese patients.

Quantobio has a history of nearly 40 years in R&D and production of antibody. At present, many famous brands in the world are using the antibody developed by Quantobio, which broke the monopoly of FCM diagnostic reagents by foreign companies for a long time, and realized the localization of high-end FCM diagnostic reagents. After nearly 40 years of development and improvement, FCM has been widely used in various fields from basic research to clinical practice, covering cell biology, immunology, hematology, oncology and genetics. Basecare and Quantobio will cooperate in the following directions:

1. FCM in reproductive immunology, which is mainly used to prevent abortion and cross-matching in adjuvant treatment and can be used in andrology, obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive centers, etc.;
2. FCM in sperm evaluation, which can comprehensively analyze the male infertile sperm and distinguish bacterial infection from virus infection and can be used in andrology, urology, reproductive centers, etc.;
3. Regulatory T cell detection is used to judge the immune ability. It can be used in obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive center, pediatrics, physical examination department, etc.

Founded in 2010 and listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021, Basecare has the first PGT product that achieved the Class III medical device registration certificate in China. At present, Basecare has cooperated with over 250 medical institutions and provides an integrated solution from genetic sequencing platform, evaluation of sperm by FCM platform, automated storage of sperm platform. We attach great importance to the cooperation and will expand our existing channels and the billion-yuan market in the male field in the future, and continue to consolidate and strengthen our competitive advantage in fertility by cooperation with Quantobio.

In response to the government's call, two leading enterprises in respective fields cooperate to build the largest regional innovation center for R&D of FCM technology based on andrology in national biopharmaceutical technology innovation center in Suzhou Industrial Park. We will deeply explore the application of FCM in andrology, and jointly develop innovative male reproductive technology based on patients' needs, so as to achieve the effect of 1 +1 > 2 and contribute more to the national three-child policy.