Healthy China | Realize the Dream of “Healthy Fertility” for 1000 Families with Rare Diseases. We Are on the Way!
September 8, 2021 · Suzhou
Fight against “rare diseases” and prevent birth defects to realize the dream of “healthy fertility” for 1000 families with rare diseases!

Have you ever heard of the names "Moon Child", "Glass Man", "Porcelain Doll"? Behind these seemingly beautiful names are heart-breaking diseases such as albinism, hemophilia, and cartilage dysplasia. They are called "rare diseases" because of the low prevalence. About 72% of rare diseases are inherited and are often chronic, severe, and life-threatening, thus placing a heavy burden on individuals and families.

                                                       ▲ Some diseases that can be detected by PGD

In order to help the implementation of the Healthy China strategy, improve postnatal care and raise the awareness of and support for the prevention of rare diseases, the Chinese Association for Improving Birth Outcome and Child Development (CAIBOCD) initiated and joined hands with Basecare to launch the campaign “Realizing the Dream of Healthy Fertility for 1000 Families with Rare Diseases”.

The campaign is launched in February 2021, and will be carried out jointly with medical institutions nationwide. Through popularization of science and implementation of the project, 1,000 families with rare diseases will be provided with free PGD, so that more families can block the genes that cause rare diseases and have healthy children.

To date, the campaign has made many breakthroughs with the support of many medical institutions.
◎ Have cooperated with 39 reproductive centers with PGD/PGS
◎ Test over 200 families and 800 embryos
◎ Cover over 40 single gene genetic diseases
◎ Over 100 healthy babies expected to be born in 2022

 Our story

A couple in Shenyang had a child who died of respiratory failure not long after birth. In March 2021, the couple came to the hospital and learned that the child had hypotonia at birth and showed a significant delay in motor function development. The doctor judged that the child had spinal muscular atrophy and recommended the copy number detection of the SMN1 gene. Basecare’s results revealed that both husband and wife were carriers of SMN1 heterozygous deletion. The couple longed for a healthy child, but could not afford PGD/PGS. Fortunately, they then knew Basecare's campaign “Realizing the Dream of Healthy Fertility for 1000 Families with Rare Diseases”, which could waive the fee of embryo testing, saving the family about 20,000 RMB. The couple was very happy to join the campaign and a completely normal embryo was selected through Basecare's PGD, and the fetus was healthy.

With the development of economy and science and technology, especially the promotion of the strategy of "Healthy China" and "a Community of Shared Future for Mankind", the cause of good prenatal and postnatal care in China has unprecedented development space. This campaign is of great and far-reaching significance to interrupt the intergenerational inheritance of "rare diseases", prevent birth defects, promote scientific and technological innovation in the cause of good prenatal and postnatal care and preschool education, and improve the quality of the newborn.
Fight against “rare disease” and prevent the birth defects
Realize the dream of “healthy fertility” for 1000 families with rare diseases. We are on the way!