Good news | Basecare Medical won the recognition of Jiangsu quality credit class A enterprise in 2022
May 31,2022 ·
Recently, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced the list of Jiangsu quality credit A-level enterprises in 2022.

Recently, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureauand the Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced the list of Jiangsuquality credit A-level enterprises in 2022. Through the procedures ofenterprise application, preliminary review by the local market supervisionbureau, joint review by the Municipal Market Supervision bureau and the NationalDevelopment and Reform Commission, Basecare Medical was successfully recognizedas Jiangsu quality credit A-level enterprise in 2022.

The quality credit evaluation of industrialenterprises in Jiangsu Province is a work of Jiangsu Market Supervision andAdministration Bureau and the Development and Reform Commission to strengthenthe construction of quality credit system and give full play to the basic roleof quality credit in promoting high-quality development and innovatingsupervision mechanism. The evaluated enterprises have been officiallyrecognized in terms of quality management system, quality assurance ability andimplementation of excellent performance. In March, 2022, Suzhou MunicipalMarket Supervision Bureau and Suzhou Municipal Development and ReformCommission jointly carried out the 2022 grade A enterprise of quality credit inJiangsu Province.

Basecare Medical adheres toquality-oriented and actively carries out quality credit rating evaluation. Thepurpose is to further improve the social credit level and credit riskprevention ability of the company's products and services, better and moreactively disclose the product quality status and quality commitment informationto the public, help improve the social credit system, and promote the healthyand orderly development of the industry. The construction project of Basecare Medicalproduction building and R & D base to be completed this year will boost thecompany to a new level in terms of manufacturing capacity and product quality.The company will focus on the field of assisted reproduction, build aproduction base for advanced manufacturing of upstream reagents, consumablesand instruments, and establish an international incubation center for advancedtechnology.

Quality credit is the foundation of anenterprise. Basecare Medical will also continue to strengthen the applicationof credit evaluation results, give play to the basic role of quality credit inpromoting high-quality development and innovating supervision mechanism,continuously improve quality and service level, lead the localization andsubstitution of a full range of reagents, consumables and instruments in thefield of assisted reproduction, and provide a strong guarantee for thedevelopment goal of becoming an advanced manufacturing enterprise.