Basecare held the 2016 Global Reproductive and Genetic health Summit Forum
Oct 14, 2016 · Suzhou
On October 14, 2016, the 2016 Reproductive and Genetic health Summit Forum, hosted by the Dushu Alliance and undertaken by Suzhou Basecare Medical Device Co., Ltd., was grandly open in the beautiful city Suzhou.

On October 14th, the"Reproductive and Genetic Summit Forum 2016" was grandly open in the beautiful city Suzhou, hosted by Dushu Alliance and undertaken by Suzhou Basecare Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Hereinafter referred to as Basecare), invited authoritative experts and colleagues in the field of reproductive health at home and abroad to discuss and exchange hot topics such as clinical cases, the latest research progress and related policies and regulations of preimplantation genetic testing technology to promote the orderly, safe development of reproductive technology in China.

The opening ceremony of the forum was presided over by Tian Yuan, the co-founder of Vinno Technology, and was attented by Mr. Yu Jiqiang, Director of Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Pang Junyong, General Manager of Suzhou Industrial Park Biological Industry Development Co., Ltd., Mr. Ning Yihua, Chairman of Dushu Alliance, Ms. ZhangYan, Vice President of Thermo Fisher, Zhang Yu, Sales Director of ThermoFisher, Ding Xiaoping, Senior Market Development Manager, Thermo Fisher, Ms.Changping Zou, Associate Professor of Gynecological Oncology, University of Connecticut Medical Center, Thermo Fisher Scientific Reproduction Mr. George HiiChinHong, the person in charge of the business Asia-Pacific region, Ms. Zhang Yinhua, the chairman of Suzhou Ailong Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Xi Shui, the founder of Vinno Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang Rui, the founder of Beijing Hengrui Group. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Yu Jiqiang, Mr. NingYihua and Ms. Zhang Yan gave speeches respectively.

Mr. Yu Jiqiang introduced “The Suzhou Industrial Park is the most important cooperative project between the government of China and Singapore, there is several key development industries in Suzhou Industrial Park, including bio-pharmaceutical industry,nano-application industry, next-generation information technology and Internet industry”. Recently, we have also made great progress in intelligent manufacturing, it’s precisely because of the development of these new energy industry that Suzhou Industrial Park can maintain such a good growth momentum. For the layout of new emerging industries, we are not only have a very good key enterprise represented by the Dushu Union, but also have innovation and research institutions that represented by colleages, universities and research institutes.

In Suzhou Industrial Park, there are currently 18 associations of various alliances in the field of science and technology, of which Dushu Alliance is one of the most distinctive and successful alliance. “Among these 18 alliances, some are led by state-owned enterprise, some are government-oriented, and some are dominated by private enterprise. We welcome more alliance and cooperation to make the innovation ecosystem most active and prosperous. Today’s forum is a very amazing event in our innovation ecosystem, and it is because of these activities, as well as the enthusiastic participation of experts and entrepreneurs, that our biomedical industry is becoming more and more prosperous.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Ning Yihua first extended a warm welcome to the guests present at the forum on behalf of the DuShu Alliance. “For a long time, the domestic high-end medical device market has been monopolized by foreign medical enterprises. As an independent, innovative type of new national enterprise, it has been constrained by domestic labels since its birth. We are not content with the vacancy of national brands in the high-end market, and we cannot change theindustry environment by relying on a single force. In this context, with the expectations of China’s innovative medical device industry, with the expectations of serving national independent innovation brand, the DuShualliance came into being.

The Dushu Alliance can form a greater synergy and influence in the field of medical devices, compared with corporate mergers and acquisitions and other models, industrial alliance can achieve a larger range of resource allocation with lower risk, and achieve complementary advantages, deepen cooperation, and common Development, thereby enhancing industry or industry competitiveness., which is an important feature of the Dushu Alliance. “In the next two decades, China’s medical devices will enter an era of rapid development. Just like many industries, China’s medical device market will become the world’s largest market, China’s independent medical devices brand will bring great influence to the world medical device market.Future-oriented, we are confident of uniting innovation and unique medicine!”said Mr. Ning Yihua.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's set up headquarter in Shanghai China, and it has branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong,Chengdu, Suzhou, Xi'an and Shenyang. Since its development in China, Thermo Fisher Scientific has provided good services to China's fast-growing scientific research, laboratory construction, environmental protection and industrial process control markets.

2016 was a very special year for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Ms. Zhang Yan said, "This year we were promotedas the world's largest instrument supply company for the first time, which is avery special honor for us. Especially In terms of life sciences and genetic analysis, through nearly two to three decades of hard work, we are undoubtedly and very proud to say that Thermo Fisher Scientific can provide the widest,extensive deepest and world's most advanced technology for genetic analysis in the world, from fluorescence quantitative to capillary sequencing, ddPCR, and now second-generation sequencing, we are at the forefront of innovation in the world."

The theme of today’s summit is reproductive health. For human, the most important thing is to successfully pass genes from one generation to the next. Therefore, genetic analysis is the most important and core technology in this field. “Thermo Fisher Scientific has its own mission of ——Through the efforts of employees, help customers realize their dreams and visions, and the connection with customers make the world we live in healthier and safer.” Ms. Zhang Yan expressed her gratitude to the Dushu Alliance and the partner company Basecare. "We look forward to this kind of communication and discussion that will eventually push China's reproduction and health industry to a new peak, and help China truly achieve the world's leading position in the field of reproductive health. This is also our common idea and philosophy."

Thermo Fisher Scientific GlobalReproductive and Genetic Research Center is located in Suzhou

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global leader in the field of scientific services, and it is also known as a leader in the field of gene sequencing. The next-generation semiconductor sequencing technology they provide has unprecedentedly promoted the transition from clinical research to clinical practice. This time, Thermo Fisher’s“Reproductive and Genetic, Clinical Research Center” is located in the beautiful city Suzhou, and will cooperate with Suzhou Basecare Medical Device Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dushu Alliance, which focuses on the field of reproduction. This cooperation helps to quickly transform the latest frontier technologies in the domestic and international assisted reproductive field into new products, thereby promoting the development of domestic assisted reproductive, providing innovative development ideas for the domestic industrialization process, and building an international innovative brand.

Basecare is a high-tech leader invested by Sun Yat-SenUniversity’s Daan Gene Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Darui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., focusingon the R&D and clinical application of high-throughput sequencing technology in the field of assisted reproduction, and is mainly responsible for the research and development, sales and service of pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) technology with the Da’an Gene system.

The core team of Basecare provides high-throughput sequencing technology research services in China, establishes abig data, biological-information, analysis platform, participated in the registration application work of Daan Gene’s high-throughput semiconductor sequencer DA8600 and non-invasive prenatal DNA testing (NIPT) kits. In 2016, under the promotion of Basecare, the National Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) Standards Management Center defined the PGS kit as a class-III medical device for management. The preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy kit (semiconductor sequencing method) independently developed by Basecare passed the review of the Medical Device Technology Review Center of the State Food and Drug Administration on May 13, 2016, becoming the first PGS product to receive special approval for innovative medical devices.

China is the most populous country inthe world. Approximately 20 million newborns each year, compared to only 4 million in the United State. Therefore, China’s market will be five times that of the U.S. market.

"There is no doubt that everyone here has a common responsibility, we are the world's most populous country, we must lead the world in the field of reproductive health, we must work together to help the world have a healthy future with the latest and best technologies," Ms. Zhang said. Our mission is also fully reflected in our partnership with Basecare. In China, especially in the application and diagnostic industry, strong technology is a key factor, but technology is not adecisive factor, only under the concept of collaborative innovation can multinationals achieve real success in China. This is also the first time that we have implemented the largest technology introduction in China, through cooperation with the Chinese company to bring new technology to the Chinese market at the fastest speed, rather than imitating European or United States market.”

This is our time, our world, and our future. “Today’s cooperation is very epoch-making for us. Only through the cooperation can we accelerate the creation of the latest technology and the final promotion in China. We also hope to adopt this cooperation opportunity,with the help of the Dushu Alliance, to establish an innovative joint center in Suzhou. We believe that we will establish a sound mode of reproductive health in China” said Ms. Zhang Yan.
“Ultrasound, Image and Gene”Precision Medical Industry Alliance, signing ceremony.

The focus of precision medicine is not on “medicine”, but on “precision”, so how precise? Technology innovation is the key. Market demand is constantly escalating, and modern medicine is accelerating the development of early detection and precise quantitative diagnosis. Without technological innovation, there will be no product upgrading, and the industry will go down hill. Technological innovation must grasp the core competitive advantages and achieve its own barriers. For precision medicine to realize entrepreneurship, cannot always do the “imitationshow” in world stage.

In the opening ceremony, Vinno Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Longrun Medical System Co., Ltd., and Suzhou Basecare Medical Device Co., Ltd., Conduct the signing ceremony of the“Ultrasound + Imaging + Gene” precision medical industry alliance, the three enterprises have respective advantages in ultrasound, imaging and gene field. This time jointly signed the precision medical industry alliance, in response to the trend of multidisciplinary, modularization, integration and crossover in medical industry, which can jointly create new data standards, create a new ecological circle for medical industry.