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As an expert in reproductive health, we would like to welcome you to join us to promote and popularize PGT technology. Together we can participate in important academic activities in reproductive health both home and abroad.

Basecare is on the list strongly [2020 vote in the list. Rui company 100 list]

Basecare, the leading innovation platform for genetic testing solutions for assisted reproduction in China, stood out from more than 800 participating companies with strong comprehensive strength and is the only NGS assisted reproduction company on the list.

Merry Christmas | Wish you a merry Christmas, peace and joy

Basecare could always be the birthplace of wonderful stories!

Good news丨Basecare won the title of Suzhou "Unicorn" Cultivation Enterprise in 2020

On December 21, Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau released the list of Suzhou "Unicorn" cultivation enterprises in 2020. Suzhou Basecare Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Basecare") was awarded the title of "Unicorn" Cultivation Enterprise in Suzhou. This means that Basecare has been highly recognized and fully affirmed by the relevant departments of the Jiangsu Provincial Government in terms of development potential, innovation capabilities, industry status, and development scale.

Wish you a healthy and happy winter solstice

whatever cold or warm,family membes can not control the feeling of missing each other.

Invitation丨Basecare invites you to attend the "2020 China Genetic Disease Medical Forum"

One of the important causes of congenital defect is severe genetic disease, which also seriously impact the population quality and the economic development of our country. In recent years, medical genetics has become the most active and cutting-edge hot subject in medical field. In order to discuss the opportunities and challenges of our country's genetic disease prevention and treatment under the new situation, and ensure the sustained and stable development of medical genetics,“China Genetic D

Invitation Letter丨Basecare invites you to participate in the "Second Annual Conference of Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Association Assisted Reproductive Monitoring and Evaluation Branch and 2020 Jiangsu Province Assisted Reproductive Technology Quali

The meeting will also summarize and analyze the quality control data of the infertility and assisted reproductive technology centers in Jiangsu Province in 2020, and conduct special discussions based on specific clinical work and quality control data of assisted reproductive technology. Basecare invites you to participate in this conference and looks forward to seeing you in Nanjing, the ancient capital.

Invitation丨Basecare invite you to attend the“Second West China Reproductive Forum and the Academic Meeting of the Gynecological Endocrinology and Assisted Reproductive Technology Professional Committee of the Sichuan Women’s Physicians Association”

In order to promote the development of maternal and child health in my country,and implement the strategic mission of Healthy China,and promote the development of gynecological endocrinology and assisted reproductive technology in the western region,“The Second West China Reproductive Forum and the The Academic Conference of the Professional Committee of Gynecological Endocrinology and Assisted Reproductive Technology of the Sichuan Women's Physicians Association",sponsored by West China Second

Invitation Letter丨Basecare invites you to participate in the "2020 Gansu Provincial Medical Association Reproductive Medicine Physician Annual Meeting and Infertility Clinic Standardization Symposium"

In order to continue to promote the development of the reproductive medicine profession in Gansu Province, strengthen academic exchanges among peers, and achieve the goal of homogeneity, standardized management, and precision prevention and control of birth defects in assisted reproductive technology in Gansu Province as soon as possible, and do a good job of high-quality medical care under normalized epidemic situations Resource sharing and win-win cooperation. The "2020 Gansu Provincial Medica

Conference Preview丨December 17-19, Basecare will meet you at the "Rou Ji International Summit Forum on Reproduction and Genetics"

On December 17-19, 2020,Hosted by Guangzhou Medical Association and the third affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, undertaken by the Reproductive Medicine Branch of the Guangzhou Medical Association, and co-organized by He Xian Memorial Hospital, the 2020 Rouji Reproductive and Genetic International Summit Forum and the 10th Reproductive Health Class of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and the 2020 Annual Meeting of Reproductive Medicine Branch of Gua