We are a very happily married couple since three years, unfortunately! I had two abortions spontaneously. The Karyotype analysis results showed that my husband is the reciprocal translocation carrier, the karyotypes were 46, XY, t (3; 7) (q21; q22). My husband’s translocation was inherited from his father. My results were opposite and very normal. So finally we planned to follow the doctor's advice and try PGT-SR detection. I did my research about PGT-SR “People with chromosome rearrangements are at an increased risk of producing embryos with the incorrect amount of genetic material, which typically do not lead to a successful pregnancy.” Researchers used PGH technology to detect my seven embryos. Through high-throughput whole genome chip technology combined with family haplotype linkage analysis, finally they obtained two normal embryos for implantation. Finally, I had a healthy pregnancy and delivered a baby boy.