Genetic counseling is where genetic counselors and counselors discuss and all the issues facing the causes, genetic methods, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and risk of recurrence of genetic diseases in their families, and finally make appropriate countermeasures and choices, and the process of putting into practice with the help of genetic counselors to achieve the prevention and treatment effect is the core link in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases. Basecare has a professional genetic counseling team. Through beokang 360APP and remote genetic counseling platform, it has held regular remote genetic counseling communication meetings with more than 30 reproductive centers, covering detailed clinical case solutions and professional knowledge sharing, and accumulated rich clinical cases and practical experience.

On March 17, 2020, the genetic counseling team of Basecare held a remote video discussion with a hospital in guangzhou on "genetic counseling of a family with tuberous sclerosis". Through the detailed communication, confirmed the family on two mutations of pathogenic gene TSC2 rating, and guide the family for the above two mutations in pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGT - M), in the end, under the clinical doctors and patients communicate fully informed, patients choose PGT -m detection to avoid giving birth to children with tuberous sclerosis again.