A hospital in Shanghai obtained the PGT qualification in 2016. Since the PGT project was launched, its reproductive center and embryo testing laboratory have established a perfect operation and management system, and all projects have been carried out in an orderly manner, which have solved the fertility problems of many families. However, how to improve the genetic counseling capacity of departments has been difficult. With our help, the doctors in reproductive center and laboratory personnel participated in the genetic counseling training course initiated by Chinese Board of Genetic Counseling and accumulated primary knowledge about genetic counseling and had an in-depth understanding of difficult and key points by combining the online cases. Our team helped the doctors learn the theories and cases through the whole process. After the training, the doctors obtained the certificate of completion and apply their experience and knowledge in solving actual clinical problems.

However, solving the counseling problems was just the first step and improving the genetic counseling capacity of the hospital was important for the long-term development of the departments. Therefore, we improved its genetic counseling capacity comprehensively through software, hardware and remote genetic counseling platform, and efficiently solved the routine counseling of clinicians through Basecare 360App. We explained the difficult and key points in genetic counseling through videos and ensured the process and professionalism of the routine counseling by building a counseling system and integrating resources. The hospital improved the genetic counseling capacity greatly and was highly praised by patients. It also enhanced its discipline influence and doctors were often invited to participate in MDT and case exchange of remote genetic counseling in other hospitals, which has improved the overall strength of the hospital.