A hospital in Shanghai obtained the qualification of PGT operation in 2016. Since the launch of the PGT project, the reproductive center and embryo testing laboratory of the hospital have established a sound operation and management system, and all the projects have been carried out smoothly, and the fertility problems of multiple families have been solved. However, how to improve the genetic counseling ability of the department has always been a difficult problem. With the help of Suzhou Basecare Medical Corporation Limited, The hospital's reproductive center doctors and testing laboratory staff have enrolled in the genetic counseling training class initiated by CBGC. They systematically participated in the theoretical training of genetic counseling through the training class, accumulated the preliminary knowledge of genetic counseling system, and combined with the online actual case study, in-depth understanding of the difficulties and key points of genetic counseling. The Basecare genetic consulting team helps clinicians to learn and understand theoretical knowledge and practical cases. After these graded and classified training, they successfully obtained the certificate of completion of genetic counseling, and the experience and knowledge gained from the genetic counseling training were also well applied in clinical practice, effectively solving the problems of patients.

Solving the preliminary problems of genetic counseling is only the foundation, and the improvement of the overall genetic counseling ability of the hospital plays an important role in the long-term development of the department. In order to achieve this goal, Suzhou Basecare Medical Corporation Limited through software, hardware and the deployment of the remote genetic counseling system platform, all-round, multi-level to help the hospital to improve the overall ability of genetic counseling, through Basecare 360APP to efficiently solve the routine consultation of the hospital clinicians; Through remote video communication, explain the difficult points and key points of genetic counseling in complex cases in detail; Through the establishment of genetic counseling system and the integration of multiple resources, the department genetic counseling system has been established in a regular, process-oriented and professional way. With the help of these measures, the genetic counseling ability of the hospital has been greatly improved and won the unanimous praise of patients. The hospital has also enhanced the influence of the discipline by virtue of its strong genetic counseling ability. The doctors of the hospital are often invited to participate in the multidisciplinary consultation and remote genetic counseling case exchange of other hospitals, which has enhanced the overall strength of the hospital.