Sep 2016, some well-known in Shandong hospital because of the PCR laboratory construction demand and Basecare signed a cooperation agreement, the joint structures, high-throughput sequencing genetic testing laboratory, the hospital provides space and sample resources, Basecare provide laboratory design, construction and acceptance, and is responsible for equipment deployment, machine testing, environmental assessment, performance verification experiments, such as system and platform structures, the entire contents of the laboratory construction, and to help the hospital to complete the PCR laboratory qualification declaration and review.

With the help of Basecare, the laboratory platform was started in early September 2016 and completed in November 2016, which lasted two months. It passed the acceptance inspection and obtained the PCR laboratory qualification. Currently, the NIPT project has been carried out, with an average annual sample size of 20,000 cases, none of which are false negative, and the laboratory is in stable operation.