LIMS laboratory management software includes dashboard, patient management, appointment management, genetic counseling, sample management, report management, test item quality control and other parts.

It can realize various functions such as data summary and statistics, progress control of each link, patient information management, expert appointment consultation, genetic consultation interpretation, sample detection traceability, material storage management, report one-click download, etc., which is convenient for clinical integrated diagnosis and treatment. Basecare has partnered with more than 30 hospitals to deploy the management software, which has been well received.

August 2019, a famous hospital of Shanghai cooperated with Basecare, will hook up the software and the hospital system, and implement the localization deployment, through system training, at present, the hospital has to master system operation, and is used to sample testing, data analysis and report management, effectively collect classified samples and management, ensure the quality control, greatly improving the efficiency of the hospital clinical laboratory, is based on the system has completed nearly ten thousand cases of samples.