In September, 2019, one famous hospital in Guizhou province entrusted us to help its reproductive center apply for PGD qualification of trial operation. We dispatched three technical staff to carry out laboratory layout planning, performance verification experiments, workflow organization, management and establishment of quality control system according to the requirements of PGD qualification application in Guizhou Province and national guidelines. Meanwhile, we offer professional training to the hospital staff, and help with the preparation and submission of declaration materials, the review of on-site report materials and the site layout.

One month later, seven domestic experts agreed unanimously in the review, making the hospital the first in Guizhou province to obtain the qualification of PGD trial operation, and we were highly recognized. At present, the hospital has carried out PGD testing for patients, transferred normal embryos, and successfully adopted prenatal diagnosis to help patients give birth to healthy babies, filling the gap in the clinical application of PGD/PGS technology in Guizhou province and promoting the prevention of birth defects in Guizhou Province.