Sep 2019, Guizhou commissioned a well-known hospital Basecare help reproductive center PGD commissioning qualification to apply for, we send three professional technical backbone, according to Guizhou province PGD qualification and the national guide and specification for laboratory layout planning, performance verification experiments, comb work flow, management and quality control system, professional training and the person in the hospital, help to declare material submitted, report to modify material review, review the site layout, etc

The whole process lasted for one month, and seven domestic experts unanimously approved the hospital. It became the first medical institution in Guizhou province to obtain the qualification for trial operation, and our company was highly recognized and recognized by the hospital. At present, the hospital has carried out PGD test for patients, transplanted normal embryo pregnancy, and successfully passed the prenatal diagnosis, helping the patients to deliver a completely healthy baby, filling the gap in the clinical application of PGS technology in Guizhou province, promoting the further development of birth prevention in Guizhou province.